As you know, the Dispensary of Natural Products (“Dispensary”) sells natural vitamin supplements, herb based supplements, phototherapy, gemmotherapy, nutritional supplements products, probiotics, homeopathic products, energetic psychomatic products, etc. to patients of Health Professionals. We are proud to offer products of over 50 professional brands, most of them being difficult to find.

Many companies wishes that their brands/products would not be sold on the internet. We respect their requests. We believe that professional products should be recommended and dosage explained by a Health Professional.

Consequently, a personal approach with all our clients is a priority for the Dispensary, which translates in a phone communication for the first purchase. We will ensure that the recommended products be ordered in sufficient quantity up until your next appointment. Afterwards, our client will have the choice to contact us by phone, email or fax.

Thank you for your understanding.


The Dispensary of Natural Products Team